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Most people associate watching football in the 21st century with going to a soccer stadium, listening to the commentary on the radio or watching the match live on television, but people rarely mention other alternative viewing. Is this because it is seen as uncool and not classed as following a soccer match properly?

Since the introduction of Ceefax in the 1970s as well as other technological improvements within the 1990s (like sky/cable television as well as the internet), there are already other alternative ways to keep track on how a team is getting on which has a sort of 'cult' feeling to it.

The oldest alternative viewing to the traditional avenues is Ceefax (phonetic for "See Facts"), which was introduced through the BBC in 1974 (who at he time were working on ways of providing television subtitles for the deaf). Their system was the very first teletext system worldwide. It was a fundamental information system with the absence of sound, pictures, or anybody giving your basic information.

It was basically simple pages of blue-and-white text that you could access via your television remote. But what does this need to do with football? Well the Ceefax service holds information on a broad range of topics, for example News, Sport, Weather, TV Listings and Business and these pages are kept current (usually being the first to report a breaking story or headline).

Most individuals in the British Isles that you speak to have within the past used Ceefax on a match day (especially ahead of the development of the internet). Everybody looks at football scores on Ceefax as it is the original internet. People will leave Ceefax on in their living rooms on a Saturday afternoon to keep track of how their team is doing and also will wait anxiously for the blue-and-white text on the screen to refresh hoping that their team holds on within the dying minutes or scores that dramatic last second equaliser. Some individuals are anxious whilst starring at the blue-and-white text and I have know people to spend a sizable a division of the match sat in front of their TV waiting for the black rectangles to change in favour of their team.

The very last alternative version to watching soccer is live commentaries which various web sites provide. Again this is just another basic version of Live Scores and Ceefax. You will visit a Our Site and also have the option to watch live commentary on a match of your choice. It's going to give you details of the match action as it happens like "attacking throw-in Chelsea Cole right channel", but like the other services the score will remain the same.