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[/sport/jose_mourinho/index.html Jose Mourinho] has become the second highest-paid manager in world football after signing a monstrous £15million-a-year contract to become [/sport/teampages/tottenham-hotspur.html Tottenham] manager.  
It has emerged that Mourinho will earn almost double the wage of his predecessor Mauricio Pochettino after taking charge at the north [/news/london/index.html London] club on Wednesday morning.
This is the first time in Tottenham's history that they have appointed a manager of Mourinho's pedigree - he has won 25 trophies in his managerial career - and it seems they have paid a hefty price.
Jose Mourinho has become the second highest-paid manager in football at Tottenham
He still trails Pep Guardiola though with the Manchester City boss on a £20m-a-season deal
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